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Power cord

69,00€ HT

Backup power supply for EasyFoal collector/antenna. Only one model compatible for:
- the INDOOR EasyFoal model: permanent power supply 
- the OUTDOOR EasyFoal model: permanent power supply and/or charging the battery of the controller/antenna.


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1 power cable with transformer unit.

Technical criteria: 
AC INPUT: 100-240V – 0.8A – 50-60 Hz
DC OUTPOUT: 8.0V -   ---2.25A  - 18W
For indoor use only

Model compatible with C/E/F/K/L wall socket. For users outside the countries concerned, an adaptable version may be requested before confirming your order.


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• SIMPLE and QUICK: simply plug in a wall socket and connect the plug to your controller. You can ensure proper functioning by checking the LED on the antenna/collector and possibly sending the system a test command.

• ROBUST: Model selected and tested to best address a need for strength and durability. In the event of sensitivity or risk of fluctuation of your power grid, make sure your equipment is protected (surge protector, inverter, etc.). 


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