Easyfoal, efficiency and simplicity for foaling

Sensors to detect when foaling begins

Ensuring peace of mind for the breeder while promoting the welfare of the mare


EasyFoal is a foaling detection system based on an analysis of the mare’s pre-foaling behaviour. Thanks to a sensor placed on the mare’s tail, EasyFoal sends you an alert when the first signs of foaling appear. With EasyFoal, you can sleep more soundly during the foaling period – no more waking up in the middle of the night for no reason! The system monitors the mare 24/7, both in the stall and in the paddock, so you can intervene at just the right time.

  • Your mare and her foal are safe
  • Their welfare is ensured
  • Your enjoy peace of mind !

Designed and manufactured in France
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Accurate detection

Accuracy > 90%

24/7 monitoring

The sensor can stay in place so that it monitors the mare both during the day and at night

Very few false alarms

A rate of < 10%


The sensor is simple and fast to install

With its special strip (included). It can be installed by anyone, in just a few seconds

A sensor with a long life

It can be installed as early as 15 days before foaling

No need to recharge the sensor

Battery valid for 7 years – no maintenance required


Non-invasive, to preserve the mare’s welfare

No surgical procedure required to install the sensor + no feelings of discomfort

A sturdy sensor

Impact- and oxidation-resistant

Automatic standby function

To preserve the battery when the sensor is not in use


Several people can receive the alerts

Text message and/or voice call

Detection in the stall and paddock

Up to 1 km around the collector

An outdoor version of the collector is available

Waterproof and battery-powered (can run in standalone mode)

Testimonials from satisfied users


“At the stud farm, we deliver more than 70 foals per season, and we’ve been using EasyFoal for three years. The system is simple and fast to install and is also really convenient to use. It notifies us 5 to 20 minutes before foaling begins. As soon as I receive the alert, I go to see the mare, to make sure everything is running smoothly. It’s extremely accurate. Since I’ve been using this sensor, I’ve stopped using belts and magnets. The EasyFoal sensor has allowed me to respond to foaling complications when the mare’s water hadn’t broken. I’m someone who’s demanding on the job, and EasyFoal totally meets my expectations”.

Philippe THIRIET 
Manager of the Cercy-la-Tour stud farm (Nièvre)

Testimony - Philippe THIRIET

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INNOVAL is the leading cooperative for pre-production livestock farming services. Innoval cross-fertilises essential skills in the area of farm management, including skills relating to genetics, reproduction, consulting, and health management.

Owned by 30,000 French livestock farmers, it provides customised, local support to farmers in 26 départements. Driven by the values of proximity, agility, simplicity, commitment and customer focus, its 1500 employees guarantee the freedom of the farmers they meet with on a daily basis.

EasyFoal, the result of 100% INNOVAL innovation, is part of a range of monitoring tools. This range includes various devices for cattle and horses that are all intended to facilitate the organisation of animal production work and the management of performance of herds and also provide peace of mind for breeders and preserve the welfare of animals.

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