Frequently asked questions

How do I recharge the sensor ?

You don’t need to recharge the sensor’s battery – it’s been designed in such a way as to guarantee a very long lifetime, estimated at seven years (although this depends on how it is used). Because the sensor doesn’t have any recharge connector or opening system, it is highly resistant to impacts, moisture and dust.

How accurate is the system ?

EasyFoal is a foaling monitoring device. It’s important to bear in mind that it works on living beings and that algorithms interpret the behavioural signs of mares, which can vary greatly depending on the breed, the individual and the environment. That said, the average rate of detection obtained through around 100 trials was very high (over 90%).

Is my EasyFoal covered by a guarantee ?

Yes, it’s covered by a three-year guarantee.

What’s the maximum distance between the telephone that receives the alerts and the collector ?

There is no maximum distance, as long as the recipient(s) has/have good telephone reception (standard GSM network of mobile phones).

What’s the maximum distance between the sensor placed on my mare and the antenna ?

​​​​​​The antenna covers distances of up to 1 km.

How do I configure the recipients of the alerts ?

You can select up to four recipients. EasyFoal can send two text messages and two calls per alert.

How many sensors can be used with EasyFoal ?

There is no maximum number of sensors. You can add as many sensors as you like to the EasyFoal antenna-collector. They will operate simultaneously.

Can several sensors be used at the same time ?

Yes. You only need one collector, but several sensors can send a text message to your telephone via the collector.

When can I install the sensor ?

You can place the sensor on the mare’s tail around 14 days before the expected foaling date.